When you need to procrastinate, a blog is always there for you.

This is the metaphor for my writing today.

two single pancakes with maple syrup on a plate

If only a difficult day of writing was as fluffy and delicious as this. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What? No, not the pancakes! The syrup. Sticky, slow. Not quite as sweet. Maybe a little browner?

It’s tough, is what I’m trying to say.

*wonders if he should have made the metaphor about chewing a piece of leather*

So, I am taking a small break. Fixing up the ol’ blog here. Cleaning things up, adding some new stuff like the Twitter feed and the link to my Pinterest off to the right there. I’m also hungry, and that’s no state to write in, I say. Lunch soon, and that means Netflix time with my sweetie. We’re indulging in our love of Korean drama by watching 49 Days. It’s getting good, too. I try to limit myself to only one or two episodes a day so I don’t lose too much creative time, but it can be damn hard. I’ve always loved watching movies and TV, even if I’m more selective in my less-young age.

I think I’ve procrastinated long enough. New “Awkward Hawk” post coming tomorrow afternoon. Hope to see you here!