Few creatures look as content as a sloth

I mean, just look at this guy.


Slow and sexy wins the race. (Photo credit: Thowra_uk)

But I already digress. I’m not here to talk about these noble beasts. I’m here to talk about my blog. Talking about my blog on my blog. Oh, hold on a second… *takes out shotgun and puts down the imminent Inception joke before it attacks*

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yeah.

So, the rebirth of the blog is going well so far. I’ve been posting regularly and, I hope, with interesting and creative content. I’m taking some chances. Most of all, I’m enjoying it and looking forward to making posts like I never have before.

Heck, I even have some (non-familiar) followers now! And likes on my posts! I’ve already exceeded my expectations.

That being said, I only have so much time in the day, you know? I have a full-time(ish) job, a family, and these things I need to do like “eat,” “sleep,” and “hold back the eldritch horrors trying to burst forth from the portals.” (A quick aside: my OpenOffice spelling dictionary doesn’t even have “eldritch” in it. The hell is that?) And, of course, I need to work on my fiction. So I need to set up a posting schedule here.

I’ve decided that, unless it proves too time-consuming, I’ll aim for three posts a week on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Mondays and Fridays will be the “content” days when I try so hard to entertain you with creative articles. Wednesdays will be more of a “whatever I feel like talking about” day. It will probably be a lot more boring and personal. But it will be a way for me to maintain my online presence without burning out or resorting to a Tuesday-Thursday schedule. Bit of a palate cleanser for you, reader. Plus, hey, maybe it will turn out interesting sometimes.

So, explanation over! Do I have anything left to talk about for my random day? Why, yes I do!

You surely have wondered what shape I’ve been in lately (you know, the whole shapeshifter deal I have going on). Well, I’ve been a bear.

Ursus arctos middendorffi /kodiak bear/ Kodiakbär

Like this guy, but a little more buff and with glasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why a bear? Because I’m fluffy and cool most of the time, but I have a penchant for grumpiness, and I will freaking roar at you and take a swipe at your head if you don’t get out of my cave.

Ask my patient wife who has to put up with it (heck, even just a moment ago, when she asked a question while I was so focused on finishing this post).

I guess I always have a bit of the bear in me, but it’s more noticeable now that I’ve been working a full schedule and have been desperate to find time to be creative. Once I sit down to “do my thing,” as I put it, interruptions make this happen in my brain:

(How much longer will it be before nobody understands what that sound effect is?)

So go ahead and imagine me as a bear with a laptop, trying to type with those “I will f**k you up” claws. Put me in a fez if you want. I refuse to ride the unicycle, though. Man’s gotta set limits.

That’s it for now. Friday’s post will be about trying to cram more writing time into a full day. If I can only find time to write it….