Mission: Pizza was a success!

Oh, and the critiquing was cool, too.

Last night was interesting. It was a small meetup this time around, with four other people in attendance. Rose and I bought our pizza before everyone else showed up, not knowing the dining etiquette of the group. Turns out it’s an informal rotation, with someone just randomly buying the pizza. The other members showed up, ate the pizza when it arrived, and the meeting began.

Everyone except Rose and me brought excerpts from writing projects (I didn’t have anything ready or suitable, in my opinion). One person would read aloud, and then we would go around the table and offer our thoughts on the piece. I know I said I would probably just sit and observe, and I probably could have gotten away with it if I insisted, but I ended up participating like everyone else. I wouldn’t call my critique skills impressive, but I hope I performed adequately.

Rose got to show off her dramatic skills when one author asked her to read. She’s so cute.

After the meeting ended, four of us played a game called Kung Fu Fighting. Holy bananas, it was fun, even if I was eliminated first. I want this game.

Kung Fu Fighting

How to make hand-to-hand combat more exciting? Do it with cards, of course!


And the expansion.

More! Kung Fu Fighting

Well, the game is better than the expansion's name. Promise.

Anyway, everyone seemed very cool, and I enjoyed the evening, even if I was nervous. Will I go back? I’m not sure yet. The face-to-face aspect was a good change from my usual “I’ll pass on the social interaction, thank you, but hand me more of that surfing the net alone” habit, and the critiques seemed well done. On the other hand, the allowed page count anyone can bring is limited by necessity due to group size and amount of time each critique receives, and I feel like I would be a more effective critiquer if I had more time to analyze a piece of work and formulate my response. Also, I would only be able to attend every other meetup, at most. So, we’ll see if I continue with the group.

And now, I have several days off to enjoy.