World Domination Plan (disguised as a long-term to-do list)

Writing activities of interest! That’s the theme for today. I’ve gathered a few items I would like to do someday. Goals should help motivate me. That, and I love making lists.

One of these days, I will have a post that’s not about writing. Really. Maybe. Let’s get started already.

1. Get involved in the publishing business in some way.
Obviously, I mean besides “being a published author.” I had a short stint as a proofreader, and I kind of miss it. I might like to read slush, too, even knowing the dangers of it. A paid gig would be ideal, but I’d work for free (or small perks of some kind) if it was for a publication I admired. I suppose it’s one of those “being a part of something greater” things. A little cog in the machine, contributing to the smooth running.

2. Contribute to anthologies.
If I’m going to keep doing short stories (and I’ve made no move towards being a novelist yet), then I really should aim to break into the anthology market. My story would stand beside those of other authors, even if I might feel anxious over whether I measure up to them. Given a great anthology with awesome authors and editors, though, I only see it as a win.

3. Collaborate with another author.
I don’t know how well I would work on a shared creative project. Still, I’d like to give it a try. I’m sure there’s an author out there I would click with, like Ozzy Osbourne clicked with Randy Rhoads to make some awesome music.

4. Write in a shared universe.
Sometimes, I think I work better when given limitations, like a premade world. That’s how it seems when I make characters for roleplaying games, anyway. Working with a preestablished reality actually gives my imagination a jolt. I read the source material, and random things set the old synapses to firing. I’d like to go beyond simply jumping into an established franchise — I’d like to create a new world with some other writers to share. I think it could turn out spectacular.

5. Go to a convention or something.
This one I have mixed feelings about. On the positive side, there would be lots of people. On the negative side, there would be lots of people. I’m a lot less antisocial than I used to be, but a recent visit to San Francisco reminded me that I still very much prefer small groups of people over a crushing throng. If I could get over that, however, a convention would be awesome. Rubbing elbows (metaphorically speaking, preferably) with people of a like mind to myself, maybe a tiny bit of networking, just having fun, that sort of thing. Don’t think I’d ever want to be a panelist or anything — don’t think I could ever be one — but maybe I could just have a little table in the corner with a pitcher of lemonade to share with the occasional fan or fellow author that might show up. And cookies. I’d bake them myself if that was a requirement.

And that’s the end of that chapter.

(No, that’s not going to be a regular signoff. Just a Simpsons quote)


P.S.  You know how I mentioned that WordPress randomly suggests links to attach to my posts (like all the links I have in this very post)? Well, the line “That, and I love making lists” has the phrase “love making” in it, and so WordPress recommended a link to Wikipedia’s article on sexual intercourse. I find this hilarious.