NBC’s Dracula: a guessing game.

My wife posted a trailer to this new Dracula show on NBC. I haven’t heard about it before today. At all.

I thought it would be fun to play a game with it. Working just from my knowledge of Dracula as a novel, from my observations of “vampire” as a subgenre, and from my own hunches, I will make some guesses as to the nature of the show. Then, I will watch the trailer to see if I’m right.

You can play along at home, too, if you want. Just a friendly game — no keeping score.

Let’s do this. *puts on his thinking goggles*

Guess #1: Dracula will be “sexy.” Not necessarily mesmerizing or supernaturally compelling like the vampire himself. Just physically attractive. We can’t all be Gary Oldman, who can really project the vampiric aura, so we must rely on the pretty. While we’re on the subject of sexy, I bet Van Helsing will be a young heartthrob, too.

Guess #2: It will be set in the modern day. I think it would be cool to have a period-appropriate setting, but I don’t think it’s happening. Also, a good chance it’s set in the U.S.

Guess #3: Main character will be Mina Murray. She’ll be college age. I’m gong to go further and say she’s an actual student. It’s a risky guess, but I like danger. Oh, and I think they’ll keep the reincarnation thing.

Guess #4: Love triangle composed of Mina, Drac, and Van Helsing. They could spice things up and have a sexy line connecting the two guys, really push the envelope and eff around with the source material, but I don’t think NBC has the guts.

Guess #5: Drac will be able to change shape into a wolf, but not a bat. Wolves are sexy now, bats are not. Unless you’re Batman, then you’re whatever the hell you want to be. If Drac needs to fly, he’ll just do it as mist, because mist is uber sexy. Obviously.

Five guesses seem like enough. Now to confirm and bust.

*goes to watch trailer with wife because she insisted on watching it again*

Hmm. A mixed bag. Here’s the breakdown.

Guess #1? Partially confirmed!

Well, it’s confirmed if you consider John Rhys Meyers sexy. Not my cup of tea (I prefer them with less wang, thanks), but I’m sure someone out there likes to look at him. Van Helsing isn’t the young dude I predicted, but the actor is German, which should count for partial credit, I think.

Guess #2? Busted.

Yeah, I was wrong. For once. But hey, Drac is pretending to be an American, so I’m claiming half a point for that.

Guess #3? Plausible.

Obviously, Mina plays a big part in the story. I’d say it’s possible that she will be the POV character, though I will admit that I think Drac might be the focus here. Or hey, they might have more of an ensemble thing going. Hard to say with 100% certainty from the trailer. I think I was right about the reincarnation bit, but again, trailer is mysterious.

Guess #4? Busted…so far.

Maybe Mina likes older men. You don’t know. It could happen. Doubting it, though.

Guess #5? Unconfirmed.

Trailer had no shapeshifting at all, at least not that I noticed. Drac did look kind of funky in a few scenes, but that’s about it. It could go either way.

So maybe I didn’t do as well as I hoped. I really thought this was going to be True Blood or Vampire Diaries wearing Dracula’s skin. Looks more like a sausage packed with The Tudors and Dracula. My wife will probably make me watch it. Eh. At least it’s Dracula, a vampire I can support.


Random Wednesday: Some stuff I like.

Hello! How’s it going? It’s been awhile. How are the kids? Oh, that’s too bad. Have you tried oatmeal? Hey, hold on a minute, I think someone’s reading my blog.

Yes, can I help you? Oh, you guys again. I guess you feel entitled to one of my beloved Random Wednesday posts. Well, here it is, you selfish monsters.

I’ve decided to tell you about some of the things I enjoy. Maybe you’ll find something to read, watch, or do to yourself in the privacy of your own home. Hey, I’m not judging, man, and I’m not taking pictures and very much resent the accusation. Hold on, need to put fresh batteries in my camera. I’ll also need your address for something unrelated.

Okay, here we go, seriously.

A Show

This one’s a tough choice. I guess I could tell you about more than one show, but I kind of feel like limiting myself to one item in each category, just in case I feel like doing this again. Sooooo, I will go with my current obsession:

49 Days.

49 Days poster

I mentioned this in my unscheduled Sunday post, now that I recall. Here’s Netflix’s description:

After a car accident shatters her storybook existence, comatose Ji Hyun is given a second chance at life when a reaper from above intervenes. But there’s a catch: Ji Hyun has 49 days to find three people who will weep genuine tears of grief for her.

Korean Dramas have been an interest of mine since my wife and I checked out Dae Jang Geum from the library. Netflix has a wide selection, but I’d also recommend Drama Fever. Heck, they provided the subtitles for Netflix’s stream of 49 Days.

So why this show? I think the thing that keeps me coming back is the mystery. The description doesn’t mention it, but there are things afoot that were set in motion before Ji Hyun’s accident, and in fact are complicated by it. Ji Hyun and other characters unravel the mystery as the series goes on. I only have two episodes left and I’m still wondering what’s going to happen. That’s my main reason. I also enjoy the characters (always a must with me).

A Cartoon

Since I love cartoons so much, they deserve their own category.

Let’s give the first honor to Adventure Time.

Adventure Time logo

Since Netflix is giving me good descriptions, here’s another:

Young Finn and his magical dog, Jake, have a series of surreal adventures as they journey through the postapocalyptic Land of Ooo and help people they encounter on their travels in this quirky animated series.

The first episode involves zombies. Zombies that used to be candy people. It gets stranger from there, and I love it.

What keeps me coming back? The setting is so imaginative that I am in envious awe. For once, a post-apocalyptic world I’d want to live in. And they rarely make direct reference to the apocalypse (some episodes are exceptions, but overall it is infrequent). You’ll see hints of it throughout if you pay attention. Remnants of the past in the background.

It’s a magical world inhabited by an array of creatures, and each episode feels like a gem taken from the deepest tunnel of an imagination mine.

Plus, the hair is glamorous.

A Book

This was actually the reason I decided to do this “stuff I like” post. I wanted to mention my favorite book from A. Lee Martinez, which is Emperor Mollusk versus the Sinister Brain.


Let’s just give credit where credit is due: I love this book because of the Emperor. He is the personification of science: amoral, curious, and with a mechanical exoskeleton. He’s in it for himself, and anything good or heroic he does in the story is pretty much coincidence. This generally isn’t my favorite kind of character, but Martinez made it work for me.

And hey, do you have two dollars on you and a way of reading Kindle books (Hint: if you’re reading this blog on a computer, you do)? Then you should go to Amazon and buy this book right now because it is only $1.99 right now. See, I’m even saving you a penny. I’ll take it if you don’t want it.

I think this post has gone on long enough. Rambling about fandoms can carry one away. Tune in next time, won’t you? Now get out.

Few creatures look as content as a sloth

I mean, just look at this guy.


Slow and sexy wins the race. (Photo credit: Thowra_uk)

But I already digress. I’m not here to talk about these noble beasts. I’m here to talk about my blog. Talking about my blog on my blog. Oh, hold on a second… *takes out shotgun and puts down the imminent Inception joke before it attacks*

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yeah.

So, the rebirth of the blog is going well so far. I’ve been posting regularly and, I hope, with interesting and creative content. I’m taking some chances. Most of all, I’m enjoying it and looking forward to making posts like I never have before.

Heck, I even have some (non-familiar) followers now! And likes on my posts! I’ve already exceeded my expectations.

That being said, I only have so much time in the day, you know? I have a full-time(ish) job, a family, and these things I need to do like “eat,” “sleep,” and “hold back the eldritch horrors trying to burst forth from the portals.” (A quick aside: my OpenOffice spelling dictionary doesn’t even have “eldritch” in it. The hell is that?) And, of course, I need to work on my fiction. So I need to set up a posting schedule here.

I’ve decided that, unless it proves too time-consuming, I’ll aim for three posts a week on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Mondays and Fridays will be the “content” days when I try so hard to entertain you with creative articles. Wednesdays will be more of a “whatever I feel like talking about” day. It will probably be a lot more boring and personal. But it will be a way for me to maintain my online presence without burning out or resorting to a Tuesday-Thursday schedule. Bit of a palate cleanser for you, reader. Plus, hey, maybe it will turn out interesting sometimes.

So, explanation over! Do I have anything left to talk about for my random day? Why, yes I do!

You surely have wondered what shape I’ve been in lately (you know, the whole shapeshifter deal I have going on). Well, I’ve been a bear.

Ursus arctos middendorffi /kodiak bear/ Kodiakbär

Like this guy, but a little more buff and with glasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why a bear? Because I’m fluffy and cool most of the time, but I have a penchant for grumpiness, and I will freaking roar at you and take a swipe at your head if you don’t get out of my cave.

Ask my patient wife who has to put up with it (heck, even just a moment ago, when she asked a question while I was so focused on finishing this post).

I guess I always have a bit of the bear in me, but it’s more noticeable now that I’ve been working a full schedule and have been desperate to find time to be creative. Once I sit down to “do my thing,” as I put it, interruptions make this happen in my brain:

(How much longer will it be before nobody understands what that sound effect is?)

So go ahead and imagine me as a bear with a laptop, trying to type with those “I will f**k you up” claws. Put me in a fez if you want. I refuse to ride the unicycle, though. Man’s gotta set limits.

That’s it for now. Friday’s post will be about trying to cram more writing time into a full day. If I can only find time to write it….