NBC’s Dracula: a guessing game.

My wife posted a trailer to this new Dracula show on NBC. I haven’t heard about it before today. At all.

I thought it would be fun to play a game with it. Working just from my knowledge of Dracula as a novel, from my observations of “vampire” as a subgenre, and from my own hunches, I will make some guesses as to the nature of the show. Then, I will watch the trailer to see if I’m right.

You can play along at home, too, if you want. Just a friendly game — no keeping score.

Let’s do this. *puts on his thinking goggles*

Guess #1: Dracula will be “sexy.” Not necessarily mesmerizing or supernaturally compelling like the vampire himself. Just physically attractive. We can’t all be Gary Oldman, who can really project the vampiric aura, so we must rely on the pretty. While we’re on the subject of sexy, I bet Van Helsing will be a young heartthrob, too.

Guess #2: It will be set in the modern day. I think it would be cool to have a period-appropriate setting, but I don’t think it’s happening. Also, a good chance it’s set in the U.S.

Guess #3: Main character will be Mina Murray. She’ll be college age. I’m gong to go further and say she’s an actual student. It’s a risky guess, but I like danger. Oh, and I think they’ll keep the reincarnation thing.

Guess #4: Love triangle composed of Mina, Drac, and Van Helsing. They could spice things up and have a sexy line connecting the two guys, really push the envelope and eff around with the source material, but I don’t think NBC has the guts.

Guess #5: Drac will be able to change shape into a wolf, but not a bat. Wolves are sexy now, bats are not. Unless you’re Batman, then you’re whatever the hell you want to be. If Drac needs to fly, he’ll just do it as mist, because mist is uber sexy. Obviously.

Five guesses seem like enough. Now to confirm and bust.

*goes to watch trailer with wife because she insisted on watching it again*

Hmm. A mixed bag. Here’s the breakdown.

Guess #1? Partially confirmed!

Well, it’s confirmed if you consider John Rhys Meyers sexy. Not my cup of tea (I prefer them with less wang, thanks), but I’m sure someone out there likes to look at him. Van Helsing isn’t the young dude I predicted, but the actor is German, which should count for partial credit, I think.

Guess #2? Busted.

Yeah, I was wrong. For once. But hey, Drac is pretending to be an American, so I’m claiming half a point for that.

Guess #3? Plausible.

Obviously, Mina plays a big part in the story. I’d say it’s possible that she will be the POV character, though I will admit that I think Drac might be the focus here. Or hey, they might have more of an ensemble thing going. Hard to say with 100% certainty from the trailer. I think I was right about the reincarnation bit, but again, trailer is mysterious.

Guess #4? Busted…so far.

Maybe Mina likes older men. You don’t know. It could happen. Doubting it, though.

Guess #5? Unconfirmed.

Trailer had no shapeshifting at all, at least not that I noticed. Drac did look kind of funky in a few scenes, but that’s about it. It could go either way.

So maybe I didn’t do as well as I hoped. I really thought this was going to be True Blood or Vampire Diaries wearing Dracula’s skin. Looks more like a sausage packed with The Tudors and Dracula. My wife will probably make me watch it. Eh. At least it’s Dracula, a vampire I can support.