About Hob Nickerson

Why the Unstable Shapeshifter? Are you some kind of weirdo?

I felt the nickname best represents the way my moods and interests shift. I cannot control or predict a shift. One week, I’m into Greek mythology, and another week I’d rather focus on robots. It challenges me as a writer. I tend not to write stories that match up with my moods to prevent disaster.

As to the second question, yes, yes I am.

But if you want an actual name to call me, which I suppose would be helpful once I’m getting published again, you can call me Hob Nickerson. It’s as good a name as any.

Oh, you’re a writer? What do you write? Can I buy a book? Can I have your autograph? Can I have a lock of hair?

Indeed, I am a writer. A rare thing on the internet! I write fantasy. Only short stories right now, though I would love to move on to novels when I feel I’m ready. So sadly no, you cannot buy one of my books, for they do not exist yet, not even on my hard drive. If you want to see my (currently short) list of publishing credits, check it out here.

You can have an autograph, sure. Do you always ask for unimportant people’s autographs? Well, we all need a hobby. I collect cookies that are shaped like planets. I also taste cookies that are shaped like planets.

I’d give you a lock of my hair, and at a substantial discount, if only it was long enough for locks. I can give you a lock of my dog’s hair. It’s pretty long.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Work, mostly. I still have a “real” job which takes up a lot of time.

Other than that, I tend to read a lot, surf the net, watch stuff with my wife. I used to be quite the PC gamer, but it is a costly hobby, both in time and money, and I’ve given it up, or a least put it on indefinite hiatus.

More to come in time. Patience, damn you! Anything you want to know, ask. The crazier the question, the better, and I might just add it here.


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