Get out of my way, life, I have creativity to do; what am I, a writer or a set designer?

I’ve been terrible about posting regularly, haven’t I? I promised at least microposts, and here I am slacking off. I’m not just any slacker. A slacker king, I am. Too lazy to get my crown, though. Just imagine it on my head, won’t you, peasants? Perhaps I’ve slipped a bit into my antisocial shape. It happens. Often. I know it’s weird calling this blog “social,” as it’s not like I get a lot of comments or actually interact with anyone, but it counts as such to me.

Dealing with life changes right now. Moved into a different place. Will be getting a roommate tonight. Lots of adjustments. My creativity has suffered as a result. Or at least I’m using it as an excuse. Probably the latter. One reason I’m finally posting an entry! Writing in the blog is better than not writing at all.

Let’s see, what else to talk about? Let’s talk about my creativity. Because I never do that, right? Sorry, it’s just a favorite subject of mine. Plus, analyzing it might help it work better for me.

I’ve been wondering if I want to focus on one kind of general setting for my fiction. I’ve toyed with a few different ones in the past. Most of my older short stories took place in the modern age. Others were more vague “fantasy places,” obviously not modern, but indeterminate as to general time period or location. Never focused much on setting. Perhaps not enough? Anyway, as much as I like modern fantasy, I feel like moving away from it in my own work. Getting away from the clutter we live in. Escaping into escapism. So where do I want my stories to take place?

I’m thinking of creating my own world, or worlds. I still want humans, or at least mostly-humans, but I want to be unburdened with our Earth history and cultures. Get away from preconceptions. I thought a good era would be something ancient. Stone Age, no later than Bronze Age, tribes, maybe some city-states, that sort of thing. Heavy on the magic and fantasy. A lot of the themes I enjoy could fit into such a setting, such as heroism, magic, nonhumans, and mythology.

So that’s where most of my creative energy has gone. Brainstorming ideas for such a setting. Well, probably more than one setting for different stories, just in a similar era. It could just be the way my mood is swinging lately, or it could finally be the direction my creativity needs. Not sure yet. It probably won’t be as easy as I’ve convinced myself it will be. At least with short stories, I can play around, experiment, and not worry about building entire worlds.

One thing I have to deal with in regards to creativity: obsession with accuracy. I can’t stand the idea of writing something and having a factual error. I feel like it would make my entire work lose credibility. This makes me want to do, if I may meme for a moment, ALL THE RESEARCH. Nothing wrong with research. Then again, if I put everything on hold and try to absorb every single fact beforehand because of this fear of maybe not being completely right about something, when will I ever write? I suspect this is another method of mine to avoid creativity. So, I have to get over it. Research only when I need to and no more.

Okay, I’ve written enough for today. Hope it wasn’t too unfocused for everyone. I just felt like getting it all out in one go.


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