Shape of the Shifter: a ball

You want to know what shape I’m in? I’ll tell you. I am a ball. I am a tight ball of stress, and the world keeps squeezing.

Keep losing my cool. I do not like losing control.

So what does my current shape mean for the ol’ blog here? What does it always mean when I post one of these? Yeah, I want to cut back some more. Need more time for my fiction. To get away from obligation. I like my blog, but I’ve let it become an obligation. I have to pull even the small posts out of me like daggers, leaving behind wounds spurting blood. The stuff I’m posting lately can’t be that interesting, anyway. My last post was the most elaborate you’ll probably see in awhile. At least I went out with a bang!

I’m not going on hiatus, mind you. Just don’t expect any large, polished posts for now. Anything I come up with will be brief and rough. Micro-posts, if you will. Fun recommendations, maybe, or an interesting link with my thoughts. Will try to stick to my usual schedule, but I won’t try too hard, you know? Just need to get into a new shape before the pressure turns me into a black hole. Okay, see you next time. I’ll be around.

*gets in his man-powered helicopter and pedals himself into the sky*


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