Shape of the Shifter: The Tortoise’s Revenge

*enters the room riding a Galapagos tortoise because he is stylin’ and in no hurry*

Walter Rothschild on Rotumah, a Galapagos tort...

Just like this, but I’m wearing a fez instead of a top hat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey, nice to see you guys. You good? Any problems you want to talk about? I’m a good listener.

Not much of a talker, though, which is the key point of this post. My current shape is…

*knocks on the tortoise’s shell*

A kangaroo! No, it’s a tortoise. What’s the first thing you think about when you think of a tortoise? If you said “great on the dance floor,” then you are right, but off-topic. Let’s talk about the shell instead.

A tortoise is a good shape for the social me. He can be out and about when it suits him. When it doesn’t, zip, into the shell he goes. Lately, I feel myself withdrawing, seeking that safety. It’s actually more common than the opposite. I’d think all my talk about social awkwardness would make that obvious.

But there is good news for this little tortoise. A blog is like being able to yell out to the world without having to direct it at anyone in particular. Imagine a tortoise with a megaphone poking out his neckhole. Like that. It’s not dialogue, but it will do in a pinch.

Let me take a moment to be almost social. Just wanted to say hello to all the followers and likers (it’s a word now) that I’ve had since resuming this blog. It’s good to know the things I post here are somewhat interesting to people other than myself. So, hello, and thanks.

One last thing before I sign off and take this tortoise home (he lives in a penthouse apartment downtown, lucky bastard). I have a Socially Awkward Guide for tomorrow, but that might be the last creative post for awhile. I kind of feel like I’ve been forcing it with those lately. Plus, now that I’m working on my story again, my brain gears are all set to “fiction.” If I think of an interesting idea for a creative post that I get excited to write, then maybe you’ll see one sooner than I think. Until then, I’ll keep posting little stuff here and there, so stay tuned. Later.

*rides the tortoise into the sunset, trumpet music blaring*


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