Curse words, or “You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

Ass bitch damn.

These are probably the only “no no words” I’ve used on this blog. Network-TV-grade stuff. I did say “piston licking” recently, but that was just suggestive, not bad. I’m a little less inhibited in actual speech, but not by much, and only when alone or in preferred company.

My fiction is as squeaky clean as my blog. Why? It’s not children’s or YA fiction. At least not yet. Why do I censor myself?

Believe it or not, but I care about what people think of me. Perhaps I fear being looked down on for using crude language. Then again, when I think about the kind of stuff I’ll probably end up writing, I don’t think my potential readers will be uptight about that sort of thing.

I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? This, maybe?

A reader wanders the aisles of a bookstore. He finds my book, or a magazine with one of my stories. Flipping through it, he is horrified at the presence of four-letter words (literal and metaphorical). “What kind of author is this?” he demands of the heavens. “Some kind of barbarian, I say. I will have no part of it!” And so, he goes to the nearest garbage can and throws the book/magazine away, despite not having actually bought it, then storms out of the bookstore. He vows never to read another book ever again.

But the tale doesn’t end there, oh no. Without the magic of reading to soothe his savage desires, he turns to a life of crime. His capers get more elaborate and dastardly, culminating in his magnum opus: stealing the beard from Abe Lincoln’s face on Mt. Rushmore. The son of a bitch. But who is worse? Him, or me, the one who set him on this path of chaos?

Hey, it could happen.

Abraham Lincoln, Republican candidate for the ...

THIS COULD BE THE FUTURE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I doubt my public word choice will change anytime soon, and that’s fine. Not really what I’m about. Why force it?

In fiction, though, perhaps I need to open myself up to the option of using the bad naughty words. Every word has potential. If it serves the story, isn’t that what really matters? Heck, I can at least toss them in my first drafts and see what floats.


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