Shape of the Shifter

In celebration of my finishing my first draft, I’m having a post-a-day extravaganza! You bring the drinks, I’ll bring the olives. Party all week, wooooooooooooo!

Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting. But damn it, I’m doing it anyway.

So here’s where I currently stand on the blog. I want to stick with at least three posts a week. I may not be as religious about feature posts like the Socially Awkward Guide, though. Less “weekly” and more “whenever the heck I finish.” Reduced pressure, more time, hopefully better quality.

I know, I change my mind a lot. *points to username* Duh.

Speaking of features, I need some ideas for more. Not sure if I’ll continue with Awkward Hawk. Most likely will stick with the Socially Awkward Guide. But I need more than that. Something like fake advice or fake reviews or fake horoscopes. Oh, maybe fake psychic readings. The voices in my head could pretend to be spirits or angels or holy Smurfs or whatever. I’d just like something creative and fun to keep the blog interesting. I’m open to suggestions.

*pounding on the door interrupts him*

Crap, they’ve found me again. New post tomorrow after I find a new safe house. You didn’t see me, got it?

A Clown.

An inconspicuous disguise will help me make my getaway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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