The crest of the wave

In case it wasn’t obvious by the gap between this post and my last, I go through periods of time when I just don’t keep up with things. Productivity comes in waves. I’m at the crest of a wave right now, or at the very least climbing upwards. I’m hoping to revive this blog and keep up with it this time.

I don’t want to disappoint all you loyal readers out there, right?

*a cricket chirps. Yes, one cricket. I don’t even rate high enough for more. Why do you feel the need to point this out to me?*

Lazy crickets can't even show up for their own chirping these days.

Oh, son of a — it’s not even a cricket, it’s just an ant playing the leaf kazoo!

But seriously. I’m struggling to get back into my writing, and the blog is one of the steps in my journey. I’ve already broken the “no ideas” barrier. I can brainstorm and gather inspiration just fine most days. I just need to get beyond the “page of freewriting done now I can do nothing for the rest of the day” wall. I need to work on projects again. Actual stories, man. Beginning, middle, end. With titles.

The most important goal is to gather so much momentum, every single day, that the next time I feel myself dropping from a wave, I can surf my way right up the next with minimal delay.

Hang ten, dude.


4 Comments on “The crest of the wave”

  1. Richard Mata says:

    IMO write about some awesome Mexican in your life.

  2. Duchess Rose says:

    Write about yout wife’s insane craziness.

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