Inertia reasserts itself.

This weekend promised to be a busy one. Today is a friend’s birthday, and there’s a party going on even as I type this. Rose also wanted a date, so we had made plans for the comic store on Monday. I know, that seems like a pretty short list, and it is, but for someone like me who is almost completely a homebody, that is hectic and nonstop action.

Plans change. Rose isn’t feeling well today. It started out with a sick stomach. Then came a few small seizures, which evolved into a larger seizure. Not conducive to a party mood, my friends. So, that’s why we are at home.

As for Monday, there are some other things going on that day, so I’m not sure we can make it to the comic store (doesn’t help that we don’t have one in our town). And here I am in a big-time card game mood and looking to buy something to feed my hankering. Might have to settle for some online shopping on that one.

In a way, I’m glad to have the extra time to relax. Unless my hours get cut, I have six days of work to look forward to next week. No full shifts, but still. It’s a far cry from the schedules I’ve had lately. Damn me for being so valuable.

I’m hoping to engage in some creativity when I find some free time. I’m getting tired of being lazy. If only it wasn’t so easy. Maybe this urge to create a card game will inspire me to do other things, too.


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