The shiny things that distracted me for the last several weeks

First, it was Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. I actually played through it twice (well, one and a half times). It’s probably the buggiest game I’ve ever played, yet the story and characters, as well as the gameplay when it does work, are compelling enough to hold my interest. Surprisingly, I have not yet played as a Nosferatu. I love those ugly bastards. I have discovered a deeper love of the Malkavian, though.

Then, Mass Effect. Great story. Tons of side quests. Fun aliens to play with. I assumed the “good little soldier” role this time around. Next time, I’ll be the rebel.

That got me nostalgic for space exploration, so I got a new copy of Spore. I know it wasn’t the most awesome game in the world, as I hoped it would be so many years ago, but it’s still fun for a few days of grinding. I made flying monkeys and giant ant-bees.

I have played my fill of those games by now. Unfortunately, I am now considering buying Overlord and its expansion pack. Why must Steam make buying cheap games so damn easy? I mean, you can get awesome games for less than five bucks sometimes! It is not helping me be a diligent writer, reader, blogger, etc.

It’s not all bad. I started doing my word of the day again.

Bed in a couple hours. I have an early day tomorrow. We’ll call this goodnight.

P.S. Enjoy the random links.


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