Timesink, trustworthy advice, and terminology

Let me begin with a warning: beware the timesink that is the PC game Terraria. I just can’t stop exploring those randomly generated worlds. Multiplayer with my friends only makes the addiction worse. That’s the main reason I’ve neglected to write here. I know all my readers out there missed me.

Wait, does anyone else hear crickets?

Anyway, I have two things to talk about, and neither one will take very much wordage, so I’m combining them into one post. Here we go.

1. I read a post by Nayad Monroe about five things she’s learned from reading slush. Not a whole lot I can add except that it has good advice and it gave me some things to keep in mind when I’m writing. So, go read it if you’re a writer trying to get published. Thank you, Nayad.

2. An ongoing project of mine is increasing my vocabulary. Obviously, a wide choice of words is ideal for a writer. I’ve discovered two useful online tools to help me. Dictionary.com lets you create a virtual deck of flashcards. I’ve made one with my list of recent words of the day, and it’s really working out for me so far. Another good site for learning words is Vocabulary.com. It’s very “smart” — it quizzes you on definitions and keeps track of the words you need to review, then brings them up in a later round. Plus, achievements! What gamer can resist achievements?

And now, I think I’ll go read a bit before bed. I have an early morning at work tomorrow.


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